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By | September 30, 2019

Facebook is one unique social media that keeps on upgrading its features to give users 100% satisfaction. Have you ever wondered why Facebook is spreading across the globe like a wildfire? It is because the social platform has just every feature you can think that gives you fun and full entertainment. What more, there is even a Facebook game center where game lovers can play games on Facebook for free.

 Facebook Game Center - Play free games on Facebook
Facebook Game Center – Play free games on Facebook

Facebook game center is like a game room where you can play game alone, in groups or with your friends. And again it’s for free, just like the way signing up to Facebook is also for free. Also these games are original and they come in various varieties and genres.

However, you can enjoy all the fun games in the Facebook game center only if you have a Facebook account. Facebook has over the years proven itself to be one of best social media. There is so much more to do on Facebook when you download   and create or log into your Facebook account.

How to Sign Up for a Facebook Account for Free

Facebook is created to be 100% user-friendly; that is why almost anybody can use the platform when taught just for once. There is also much to gain as you get to chat with friends, meet new friends, find dates, share photos, videos, stories and more. But note that before you can start signing up for Facebook, you need to first download the Facebook app on your device that is if you are using a mobile device to access it.

These steps will guide you through the Facebook Signup process:

  1. Open the Facebook app you installed on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the “Sign Up” tab below the display box.
  3. Then input your First name, surname, email or phone number and also add a password you can easily remember when signing in.
  4. Add your birthday by selecting the dates from the calendar displayed.
  5. Also select your Gender; it is either you choose Male or Female, no more.
  6. Finally, you click on “Sign Up” and you officially have your own Facebook account.

Sign In to your Facebook Account | Facebook Game Center

After creating your new Facebook account, you want choose to sign in immediately to start enjoying the mobile app. Now to achieve that, just follow these steps:

  • Open the Facebook application on your device or log on to www.facebook .com if your using a system.
  • Now input your Facebook account login details on the text box and click on “Log In”
  • Once your login start enjoying the features available on the app.

How to Install Facebook Gameroom – Facebook Game Center

Facebook Gameroom is a feature where you can play, watch or share games with your Facebook friends. However, you need Windows system to download the Facebook Gameroom. But if you also want to install this Facebook game center into your device, you need to first of all install the game room supported device. Moreover, it is supported and available for Windows 7 and the higher ones.

  • Access your favourite web browser on your device and input the URL on the search bar.
  • Log onto www.facebook.com/gameroom and hit on the free install icon on the page.
  • Select the folder in which you’ll love to save the Facebook Gameroom and click on the download icon.
  • Now hit on the Facebook Gameroom.exe to completely download and install the game center on your device.

The above lists is just all you need do to see Facebook games appear in the Facebook gameroom.

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